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A story, followed by a question

5th Aug, 2009 | 05:17 pm

I'm a CNA in an Alzheimer's unit at an Assisted Living Facility. Until recently, we had a resident, *Mary, who was non-ambulatory and unable to communicate verbally or with gestures. Occasionally when I had extra time, I'd read Mary stories. But most of my one-sided conversations with her were when I was helping her get ready for breakfast in her room. Quite often, our conversations featured cross-stitching. She had a cross-stitched "Welcome" sign hung in her room.

(Here it is..)Collapse )

Now, I have no idea if Mary cross-stitched or if this was a gift, but I hope she cross-stitched or at least was interested in it.. otherwise, I'm sure I bored the heck out of her. I always told her what I was working on, how it was going, or about past projects or just talked about patterns or floss or whatever came to mind.

She had been on Hospice for a long while. However, I still wasn't ready for her to pass. One day she seemed fine. The next, she wouldn't eat. Four days later, she passed away in her bed. By that time we were expecting it, and her power of attorney had been notified. But no one came to visit.

I learned her story. She had adopted a daughter. Her adopted daughter had a daughter, who she put up for adoption. Her daughter wasn't on speaking terms with her throughout her adulthood, I believe. But Mary had been in touch with the family who adopted her grand-daughter. So when she was failing, her grand-daughter's adopted Mother became her power-of-attorney, and was the one who paid over $6k a month for Mary to stay at the private pay ALF for many years, instead of dumping her in a nursing home. So Mary didn't have a lot of close family, which explained her lack of a single visitor the 5 months that I worked with her.

So, when she passed, the 'family' donated her clothing to another resident, and came at some point to collect a few of her belongings. Everything that was left was either to be donated, or trashed. In the trash pile, was her Welcome sign.. which I promptly took home with me and hung on my wall.

Now, I'm not normally a big fan of "Welcome" stitchery, as it's usually too cutesy or kitsch for me. However, I love this one, and loved it the moment I saw it. It's simple, yet elegant. So my question is...

Does anyone recognize the pattern?

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Sock Yarn (and Rowan book) up for swap.

16th Sep, 2006 | 11:26 pm

Few things up for swap here:

Firstly, Rowan Bigger Picture, a pattern book featuring Rowan Big Wool & Biggy Print. Has very light cover wear, no writing, highlighting, marks, tears, rips, etc.

Next, sock yarn.

2 balls of Regia Sock Yarn, in color 5440. One unopened. The other still has its label, but I've made a small swatch with it. However, I didn't cut the yarn and I frogged the swatch and rewound it, so all of the yarn is there. 459 yards total.

2 balls (440 yards total) Knitpicks Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily, unopened. Also, two balls (again, 440 yds total) Knitpicks Sock Garden in Hydrangea. Hydrangea. One is unopened, and the other seems to have lost its label somewhere in my stash, and a couple of yards came unraveled and I wound it back up, but it's never even been swatched. All the yarn is there. These are 100% merino. The Star Gazer Lily is the top righthand corner, and the Hydrangea is the bottom lefthand corner.

1 unopened ball (459 yds, enough for a pair of socks) Trekking XXL in color 101, blue tones, and 1 unopened ball Trekking XXL in color 71, earth tones.

And lastly, not sock yarn, but my handspun. 90 yards self-striping bulky handspun, in my etsy shop, but I can take it down if anyone wants to swap for it. It's 100% blue faced leicester wool, with long color runs. Check out that etsy link for more info on it.

(*Please note, none of these photos are mine, with the exception of my handspun. They were taken from the web with the intent of representing the yarn colors as best as possible.)

What I would like:

Old issues of Spin-Off (I only have 2 issues, so almost any issue will do)
Amazon/eBay/Wal-Mart/Applebee's gift certificates
If you have any etsy shop, I swap for handmade soap.
Fiber for spinning
This is a long shot, but hand carders.
The only yarns I can think of that I would like right now are Malabrigio and Manos del Uruguay.

And books:

Any Barbara Walker book, probably
Any Melanie Falick book, probably
Folk Knitting in Estonia, Nancy Bush
A Gathering of Lace

And, not knitting related, but I would really love the old A&E dvd version of Pride and Prejudice, the newly released Pride and Prejudice on dvd, and/or a nice hardback copy of Pride and Prejudice.

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2 quick FOs

8th Sep, 2006 | 01:02 pm

Handspun, handdyed spiral rib hat:

Trekking XXL stockinette socks:

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One Skein Projects

22nd Jul, 2006 | 01:42 am

In the past few days, I've made two projects in Leigh Radford's One Skein: the felted clutch and the asymmetrical hat.

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Log Cabin KAL

4th Jun, 2006 | 01:51 pm

I recently started a Mason-Dixon inspired Log Cabin KAL and would like to extend an open invitation to anyone who is interested in Log Cabin knitting.

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FO: Dublin Bay Socks

24th May, 2006 | 01:41 pm

I finished these socks just in time to wear to work today.

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FO: projects from my handspun

13th Apr, 2006 | 11:19 am

The birth of a rug (and a cozy!)Collapse )

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I have moved.

2nd Feb, 2006 | 04:37 pm

I have moved to a proper blog, so that I can easily adjust the sidebar and stuff and yeah. So go visit it.

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Knitting Olympics?

31st Jan, 2006 | 08:26 am

Yes, like thousands of other knitters, I want to participate in this. I haven't mentioned this, but I have a general rule against WIP photos now. Seriously, half the fun of knitting is taking lovely photos of it and posting it on a blog. So... if I do that halfway through the darn process, then I want to start something else to blog about. So, general rule: No WIP photos. No sock photos until both socks are complete. It's a good motivator. However, the knitting olympics might be an exception.. cause I'll still have that deadline to keep me going. Yep, yep.

Now the problem is.. what shall I knit? I have yarn for my jaywalker socks, and yarn for hubby's ravenclaw scaf is on the way. I need to get hubby's ravenclaw scarf done, as it is intended to be a Vday gift, though he won't mind if it's late. But not too late, y'know.. I at least need to be working on it by Vday. There's no way I'm going to get it done before the Olympics, because Tubey is occupying my time right now. And I can't exactly knit jaywalker socks during the olympics if I'm trying to do hubby's scarf on the side. Pattern-wise, I think Jaywalkers will be more of a challenge. However, that damn scarf is knit in the round, so it is double the normal scarf width, and really long. Patience-wise, HP scarf is more of a challenge. But it's also the perfect movie knitting, which means that I won't be sweating like all my fellow Olympic Knitters.. I'll be watching Sex and the City or something.

Ooh! I know! I can learn the jogless join for the scarf.. which is something I'm kind of nervous about! There.. it tries my patience and my nerves! Officially a challenge! Woot, stay tuned. Hopefully FO pic of Tubey to come before too long.

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30th Jan, 2006 | 04:37 pm

So I've decided that I read Eunny's blog a little too much. How have I reached this conclusion, you ask? Upon glancing briefly at Grumperina's Jaywalker Gallery, I immediately noticed a tiny thumbnail photo of a pair that must be Eunny's.. even though I'd never seen her finished photo. I think I recognized her floor, her stellar skills, her photography style, and maybe even her feet. I clicked on the link.. they were hers. I'm frightened.

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